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Yellow Frog Cat Socks

Yellow Frog Cat Socks
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  • Yes, I've used cat socks for my kitty because he needed them!
  • Soft secure socks to help cat's paws with warmth & protection.
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Secure socks on your kitty with these double cinching Frog cat socks!

You might need a way to keep your cat's paws warm or protect them from walking surfaces. I used socks for my cat Lucky when he developed diabetes and his paws were having circulation issues. These did just the trick for him as they aren't the easiest to get off but soft enough and warm so that they didn't really bother him.

Warmth, safety, and protection provided!

I have slippery surfaces in my home but there are also rough surfaces that your kitty might need protection of a sock. These socks come with skid-free pads and made with 79% cotton for plenty of cushion. With cold weather or health issues such as arthritist or diabetes these socks provide the needed warmth for a cat's paws.

Available in two sizes for cats!

Small - Width 1.2" Length 2.4"
Medium - Width 1.5" Length 3"

Most small to average size cats will fit into the small size with larger breeds needing the medium size.

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