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Thanks so much for the goodies you recently sent us. Shakira, my girl cat looks lovely in her dress and the carrier case is so luxurious for her! The cat grass is great with the 4 different varieties, the doggy tretas box is really cute and the cat tent (although I haven't put it up yet) looks like it will be prefect for when we're on holidays with Shakira and she craves outdoor time. Thanks again-love all these things and will definately recommend your site!
- Regards, Sharon

Thank you for the cat tree! It arrived yesterday. I have before and after pictures, of my cat looking sad on a crumpled box that had been his favorite perch, then looking radiant in his beautiful new tree. Thanks again for all your help and getting it here so quickly.
- Kathryn

I just received a little box from Nip and Bones with some treats for my puppy. It looked like just a little extra bonus gift from you all to say thanks for my last order. I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for the great customer services, and for the yummy-looking treats! I'm sure my dog, Bean, will devour them and love them. What a great surprise to find in the mail!
- Krista

What a nice reply, you clearly love animals which means glad we found your site. I can understand the run out of cat dancers. I can't believe how fast Noah destroys them. We adopted him at 3 not knowing his fondness for this item. The first time we brought it out for play he went crazy for. Thank you for your help in getting him his most beloved toy!
- Caryn

Thank you for getting the dice domes out so fast! I appreciate your time and extra effort! I'll let you know how everybody likes them.
- Natalie

Interesting jigsaw toys you have there. I have a 15 lb beagle that eats donky kong toys like they are made of food. Any tuff toys you have or puzzle type toys would work great for her. I will definitely be ordering in the future!
- Teresa

Just had to send you this photo. Edna is 18 months old & loves her new party dress. Thank you for your incredible work! We look forward to placing our next order with you.
- Sandy

Thanks again so much, for all of the time and effort you and your designer have put into helping our kitty cat! Please express to your designer how thankful I am :) And I would like YOU, next time you're standing in front of a mirror, to look at it and tell yourself how completely outstanding you have been!! I couldn't have asked for better customer service. So thank you!
- Koko and Chew

Thank you so much! This order arrived yesterday, and all of the toys were a huge hit with the kitties! I'll definitely order from Nip and Bones again! Thank you!
- Lisa K.

Hi Staff and Baby Patches Chief Kit, We wanted to give you an update on our order. It arrived today, January 31, 2013! That's just 8 days if you take into account our time difference. :) Thank you so much for extra dog treats AND the rope bone! We will have Mommy hide the presents until Whisky's birthday on the 18th. Mommy says Whisky can have the Pawduke and Max & Ruffy's treats first. :) We just know Whisky will LOVE her presents! We will surely be back to place more orders.
- Just us, the Kitties of Whisppy

Just wanted you all to know that the rest of the "goodies" arrived on Friday. Lia was so excited! Thank you for the extra goodies. That was so very sweet of you. She has been hiding and playing with those little squeaky toys all over the house. And I'm sure I'll be buying some of those products you sent as samples. She really likes them a lot! Hope 2013 is a really great year for you and Nip & Bones!
- Laura and Lia

I must report that your Squeaky Rainbow Trout Fish is no "croaker," but an instrument not unlike Caruso's voice. Whenever Daisy May is happy she "plays the fish" and serenades me. If ever I can catch her in the act (of course, I egg her on), I'll record you a sample of what raw, rubber talent can do. I already have your cute sun dress for her and and will have a closer look at your website this weekend but didn't want to delay any longer thank you for your kindness and wonderful service. I recommend you to friends, as your merchandise is unique in many ways. Meanwhile, pats on the head and scratches behind the ears for everyone, and may your Labor Day be one of leisure.
- Natalie

Desi and I love Nip and Bones' products and service. Salina and the Chief Kit, Baby Patches, work very hard keeping their products fresh and inviting. Last September Salina went out of her way to make fabulous baskets for the Castaway Critters Pet Rescue Golf Tournament. Thanks for supporting Nip and Bones :)
- Judith

For some reason, our computer won't let us link. But, we LUV our silvervine pillows. However, due to the heavy use, they don't really look like pillows anymore! We will be ordering more and loved the fact they arrived in such a timely manner. Thank you Nip and Bones!
- Tonya

Hi Baby Patches!! The Fed Ex box arrived today and boy are we all excited. The pugs absolutely love that free toy you sent that looks like a blue/green lizard. I have never seen them fight over a toy so hard. It will be a Slimmer Pug favorite for sure. :) The rest of the box will have to wait until Toby Moses 6th birthday on May 19th...and we are getting all the cat toys dispersed...need to go buy some more batteries!! Thanks so much! We love your store so much, we put up a special post about it and Ms. Chrystal's book...and both her book and your store are now permanent fixtures on our side bar. You Rock Baby Patches!! Much Love, The Slimmer Pug and Purr Family
- Mindy

Hi guys! I'm SamTheCatRock's mom and I wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous order! Thank you for the catnip mouse for Hutch - he LOVES it! Your site is amazing and I'll definitely be back to shop for Hutch for Christmas! Thank you guys so much - and big hugs to Baby Patches!
- Christine

I got the package today! Kitties love them! I have posted a couple pics on your Facebook page showing them playing with the toys! Thank you!
- Melissa

You're the best Thank you!!!
- Lisa

I am definitely going to be ordering more treats, etc. from you as soon as I can. I think you are just superior with your service, timeliness, quality of items, etc. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I LOVE everything I have received from your site and I am going to be a regular customer!
- Caren

Gosh, I didn't expect such a prompt response! Thank you so much for helping. That is excellent customer service!
- Meghan

Dear Baby Patches, Chief Kit and Super Staff of Nip & Bones, The mylar balls have gone to the top of the must have list !!! In fact we actually play catch and bring them back for hours on entertainment! The stainless fish bone cat bowls - winner !!! Gives the boys (Bentley and Forrest) a good look. The personal note added to my shipping order was awesome and felt good... You will now be my only provider for cat supplies!!!
- Bentley, Forrest, and Silver Family

Hi. Thank you for sending our order so promptly. We are so happy we found you as are the pets to whom we gifted the items we purchased from you. Our son's cat who has never shown an interest in toys plays with the bear with catnip all of the time. Our cocker spaniel loves his 2 rainbow trout--just the right size for him and easy to squeak. So happy to find this since the big eyed rubber squeaky mint green fish he'd had (well, actually about a dozen or so as we had to replace them when they lost their squeak and air) was no longer available.
We also wanted to comment on how kind and helpful we found you to be. That is too rare in today's global economy but traits we look for and appreciate. We will be back. On behalf of some very happy pets, thanks again. We wish you and yours a blessed, healthy and happy new year!
- Belinda and Mike

I think all the reviews below pretty much say it the best!!! NipandBones is absolutely wonderful to work with. The owner Salina is fantastic, and of course Baby Patches is by far the best Chief Kit I've ever seen :) I'll continue to order on a regular basis from NipandBones and recommend everyone to do so as well! Thank you for the great service!
- Mikalia

We were very happy with our purchasing experience. Happy New Year!!
- Jonathan

I ordered a 3-step cat tree for my cat Sebastian and he absolutely loves it! It is a wonderful product and arrived promptly. I will definitely shop again!
- Amy

I just received my Skinneeez Mouse for Cats and I love it! I usually don't play with anything on my own—I prefer to make the woman play with me—but I LOVE batting this mousey toy around and throwing it up in the air. Don't know if I'll keep playing with it, but I've had a great time these past 2 days. is my absolute favorite toy store.
- Cathy Keisha

I have never had a better product in my LIFE for my pet. This store has the best of anything you may need. The freeze dried chicken cat treats were so good my cat stood up and asked for them after just one. The catnip toys, i.e. the nip banana and the Plague Ratsie have been an instant and total hit. I love seeing demonstrations of the toys by Baby Patches. That takes any surprises out of the picture and ensures satisfaction. Love this Business, Nip and Bones.
- The Admiral

My dog loved all the items she got, especially the doggie casino puzzle! One problem was she got two skull and crossbone plush toys and the bones were only attached with a thin string so we went through 2 toys in one week as they were destroyed. Besides that, I really like the shop!
- Carmen Litzelman Howe

Lily wore her "Got Treats" shirt this weekend at the Beach Bark fundraiser walk. People thought is was pretty cute. I usually don't put clothes on her but it seemed appropriate for the walk. She seemed very comfortable in the shirt. It looks small but fit just fine. I've bought many products from Nip and Bones and have been pleased every time with their service and timely shipping. Lily and I highly recommend Nip and Bones! (So do my cats but they just can't be bothered to show their enthusiasm while I'm awake. You know cats! But I hear them at night playing with their toys.)
- Tricia and Lily Pup

Very fast shipping, items in stock, accepts Pay Pal. Especially pleased that the item I ordered was MADE IN U.S.A.! Very friendly customer service--personalized e-mail answer instead of a form letter. Numbre A-1 rating in my book--will definitely shop there again!
- DzyMsLizzy

Love Nips and Bones! We recently purchased a bed from this store and love the bed. Ordering is easy, fast and efficient -two paws up!
- Lisa Illman

I've placed several orders with and have been pleased with the service, shipping and products. Their website is very user friendly and I've received prompt answers to any questions. Plus their prices are very reasonable. I recommend signing up for their emails and "liking" them on Facebook to see their latest products and deals.
- Tricia Young

I have ordered three times from Nip & Bones and have always received the order quickly. They have great deals on $3 toys. They have a wonderful selection of squeaky toys! Their customer service is fantastic! Have received prompt response back to inquiries about products. Two paws ways up!!!
- Wrigley's Mom

Got a HUGE package in the mail was for the pups and it was from none other than "Nip and Bones" OMG it is a huge TALKING TREAT BALL!!! You record a message for the pups to hear as they play with it and it dispenses treats too. We love Nip and Bones, they have the COOLEST doggie stuff around. If my pups could talk they'd be chanting "Nip and Bones" all day.
- Riley

The 1ST Bully Sticks my girls EVER got were from Nip & Bones. Everyone was Helpful as to what size for each baby! They are Knowledgeable & helpful & courteous. The shipping is fast and the prices are great! I think that Baby Patches even helps Pack the boxes! Nip & Bones is THE place for Bones & Toys. GO look for your self.
- Lainey's Pawtique

I love ordering from Nip and Bones. They have a great selection of toys and treat. Their $1 and $3 toy options are wonderful, both affordable and of good quality. Customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Nip and Bones!
- Lisa O'Keefe

Nip and Bones is my absolute favorite online pet store. Great customer service, great shipping prices and great products! 2 paws up!
- Dorian Wagner

Baby Patches is the bestest at picking super fun toys, I've gotten SO many wonderful toys and treats from her.
- RumblePurr

My mom has bought several things from Nip and Bones including gift certificates to be a prize at pawparties. We highly recommend them because of their great customer service and good variety. If they don't have what you are just looking for, just ask. They may order it for you. We didn't know what size harness to order for me. Patches mama had Mom take measurements & walla, she knew exactly what size to order. It fit purrrfectly too. I have never been unhappy with Nip and Bones. They are fast, friendly and curteous.
- Mario Cat

Super store! We love their Tuffy toys and their treats are so yummy! A real treat for the family! Super fast shipping too! The best online shopping for pets!
- Joanne & Rascal Moomaw

Excellent selection, fast shipping and great to deal with. We love!
- Sharon Furkids Mom

I have ordered from Nip & Bones twice, and each time the order has come quickly and efficiently. They have a wonderful selection and I couldn't be more thrilled with my new toys! Bravo!
- Katie Cat

Nip and Bones does a great job at finding specialty items at great prices. their customer service rocks! shipping is prompt, item never damaged. Highly recommend!!!!!!!
- MaggieTKat & Wanda Kruse

I has had the experience of this wonderful store first hand. The Chief Kit Baby Patches is very helpfuls. If she no has, she will try to gets it. Their customer service is 2nd to none! Amazing, the most helpfuls online shopping site i ever did see. all the toys, (catnip) bones, bullystix and bow ties we has from there has been pawsome, good quality and still in tact, MOL. They have a bit of everything for everyone. I highly recommend this store to everyone.
- Hollie Ferguson

I've been a customer of Nip and Bones for a while now and I couldn't be happier with the overall online ordering process and excellent customer service. I always get the product I order at a great price and fast shipping. My pets and I are very satisfied customers and will continue to use Nip and Bones for our pet care needs.
- Dana

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