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Dog Casino

Dog Casino
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  • Dog Casino (plastic) is a fun activity toy for your dog!
  • Watch your pet play and learn at the same time.
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Challenge your dog with the Dog Casino! Eliminate boredom and have fun playing with your dog.

The idea is to have your dog by pulling out the flaps in different directions to reveal hidden treats. With a little practice your pup will soon be accessing the reward of treats.

If your dog is especially smart or you just want to give them a challenge then using the bone shaped pegs you can lock down the flaps. Your dog would then need to remove the pegs and then pull out the flaps. If your dog tries to bite the game or pegs just place your hand over it and stop the game. You can try again once your dog has calmed down. You may need to teach them to use their nose instead if they try to jump on the game or are too rough with their paws. You can just place the game on a stool to do this and attach a string to the flaps for them to use to pull them out.

Be sure to make this game a fun time for you and your pet. Give them lots of praise when they do things right!

Is this game right for your pup?

The skill level for this game is Expert, suits dogs and cats of all ages, and is a tricky game.

Want to have some summer time fun?

Mix some canned meaty dog food with water, pour this in the hollows and put the game in the freezer. This is great for those hot days or when you want some extra activity for your dog, Please only do this under strict supervision.

Please be sure to put this game away when you are not actively playing with your pet and never let them chew on any of the pieces of the game.

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