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Neko Flies Cat Toys

Neko Flies Cat Toys
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  • Cats love bugs, so these will get any kitty moving for sure!
  • Several bug choices are available for this flying cat toy.
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We all know how much cats love to chase down and play with bugs or birds!

Our new Neko Flies Bug Cat Toys is the flying cat toy you have been looking for to entertain your kitty. The neko flies long rod is 21.5 inches and not only is it sleek looking it has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip while playing with your cat(s).

Each Neko Flies toy comes with a 42 inch long string with a swivel clip that easily attaches to the rod. Making changing the toys a cinch! These bug cat toys provide interactive exercise and play time for endless entertainment.

If purchasing for the first time please select a Rod from the Optional menu. All other toys are attachments only and do not come with a rod.

ALL NEW Award winning telescoping rod that is extremely more durable then the regular rod. Plus, it accomodates all kinds of play with a telescoping range of 18" to 32" for when in smaller or larger spaces, or when just wanting to change it up for your kitty. Works with all neko flies toys and since it adjusts down to 20" long it is compact. The 5" cork handle was ergonomically designed for comfortable play with your cat.

NOTE: The telescoping rod is heavily designed with the BirBug and all the Neko Flies cat toys in mind. You will get more versatility and it will be extremely durable for more agressive cats!

Now for the information on each bug or critter you can get your kitty playing with!

* BirBug - ALL NEW Award winning cat toy! This birbug neko flies toy has aerodynamic wings and an angled body for gliding motion to mimic a real bird flying. Extensive research resulted in dangly legs, tail hairs, and a body in colors your cat can see, as cats only see certain colors. Comes with 37" long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the new telescoping rod.

* Kragonfly - Cats just love to chase down those winged bugs! The kragonfly has a great look of crinkly wings and is tough enough for clawing and biting they will do as they chase it around the house.

* Kittycada - The cicada bug comes to life when flying or wiggling it along the floor, it will drive your cat's crazy! The feathers provide for a visually beautiful bug.

* Katarantula - Your kitty will pounce at a chance to get this "spider" out from under the furniture! This spider looking toy offers an great opportunity to get your cat in the mood for playing.

* Kiticatterfly - The all NEW butterfly option that will have your cat loving its pretty iridescent wings! Its shimmering fluttering butterfly wings will have your cat jumping in no time.

* Kattipede - The all NEW centipede that your cat won't need to worry about catching! This genuine jiggly, crawling double body centipede will offer plenty of good fun.

* Small Kittenator - Cats truely do love mice, real or fake! The small kittenator has beady eyes and whiskers to the tip of its tail, designed to look and feel like a real mouse. It will draw on your kitty's natural hunting skills.

* Foxifur - Similar to the small kittenator is an all NEW fun fur scampering mouse that is sure to get your cat into their hunting state, great for stealth cat hunters.

Gets even the older or more lazy cats moving!

Veterinarians, industry experts, and animal behaviorists continue to praise the benefits, quality, and unique features of neko flies. Neko flies have been expertly designed with realistic movements giving indoor cats much needed exercise.

Watch our Chief Kit chasing and playing with a Neko Flies Bug!

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