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Kool Collars

Kool Collars
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  • Keep your dog cool during hot summer days with a Kool Collar!
  • KoolCollars are a must for dogs at risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
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Kool Collars are an extremely effective, unique dog cooling product!

The Kool Collar is a must for inside, active, or dogs at risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. It is patented and very different from every other dog collar on the market. We use melting ice to act as sweat on your dog. It's easy, durable and extremely effective. Each Kool Collar comes with one KoolTube (that you put in the freezer or ice chest), additional tubes may be purchased.

The KoolCollar has two different applications!

Outdoors - when filled with ice the ice melts and runs down the front of the dog and not only offers a comfortable cool feeling, but more importantly promotes evaporative cooling over the vascular chest area of the dog. This action of the water melting cools the blood and core temp of your dog.

Indoors - use KoolTubes anytime it is not practical to have your dog dripping wet. The KoolTube is a semi-disposable, non-toxic, non-staining, alternative to ice that is perfect for inside the house, car, etc.

Available in the following sizes:
Small 11" to 17 1/2" (Pugs, Terriers, ShihTzus, Dachshunds, Miniatures, and more)
Medium 17 1/2" to 24" (Danes, German Shepherds, Most Bulldogs, Boxers, Huskies, and more)
Large 24" to 30 1/2" (Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Large Bulldogs, and more)

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